Best WhatsApp Alternatives You Can Try in 2024

WhatsApp has gained lots of popularity in the last few years. This app started from nothing by two talented people then it gained popularity in early days by Android users later it got acquired by FaceBook now known as META. Ever since then WhatsApp kept raising in popularity and now today more than a billion users uses this application on daily basis.

Because of it’s popularity talented developers like JimTechs came and made their own modified version with more features for users you the WhatsApp clone Jim developed is JT WhatsApp and millions of users are using this app today. Not only this but there are countless other MODs which have millions of downloads. I am telling you about these third party apps to put emphasis on just how popular WhatsApp is.

Best Alternatives To WhatsApp

But again I know that you all are aware about the popularity of WhatsApp so I won’t bore you anymore and get right into the main topic. Today our topic is on the best alternatives to WhatsApp. If you got bored with WhatsApp and want a new experience then I would recommend you JTWhatsApp.

But if you want to move out of “WhatsApp” entirely and want to use entirely different App then here are some of the best alternatives To WhatsApp messenger.

#1) Discord

Discord is one of the coolest Texting application available on the market. I have been personally using this app from a long time. Few years back this app was prominently famous among the gamer boys but now it is kinda main stream application.

This app is way better than WhatsApp as it provides lots of interesting features. You can video call with your friends in extremely high Quality voice and HD Video. Not only that but you can also upload big files, Join public communities where there is no limit in how many users can be at a community at a time. If you have never used this app before then I highly recommend you to give it a try today.

Download here –

#2) Telegram

Telegram is another App which I have been using since childhood. This app also has some conservatives values and it does not ban you randomly it allows you free speech in your communities unlike meta. That’s why you will find a lots of controversial people using this app.

One of the best feature of this app is Telegram channel where more then 200 thousand people can gather to join your channel and you can update them about your service. For example we got our own telegram channel where we put latest updates related to JT WhatsApp APK

Download here –

#3) Signal

Signal is a free, privacy-centric messaging application available on desktop and mobile devices. With Signal, you can text, call over voice or video, and do just about everything else that WhatsApp does. Signal is considered to be the most privacy-focused among other platforms. 

Signal is relatively new platform which was even promoted by Elon musk. This app is mainly loved for privacy because it is said that the company does not sell your data to others to make profit out of your privacy. This app got cool UI and lots of interesting features. You should definitely give it a try!

Final Words

So guys these are the 3 best Alternatives to WhatsApp in 2024. I think you should give all these app a try my personal favorite among these apps is discord because I use it on daily basis but you give your own try to each app and see which one works best for you. If you have any better alternative to these apps then Make sure to discuss about it in the comment box below.

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